Ion Cord


An inexpensive, effective and easy to use solution for eliminating and controlling static.

What is ION CORD?

ION CORDTM is a string made from conductive carbon fibers that is very effective at neutralizing all static charges in its vicinity. It requires no power source other than the static electricity itself. This often makes it the simplest, least expensive, and most effective solution to a static problem.  The cord does not need to touch the surface to neutralize the static. It only needs to be connected to an earth ground (typically the metal frame of a machine) and placed close to where there is evidence of a static problem (ideally within several inches). Since ION CORD is a very thin and light weight string it can be mounted almost anywhere on a machine with ease. And unlike static brushes it doesn’t require any support brackets or need to be oriented toward the static.

How does ION CORD eliminate static electricity?

When electric charge accumulates on a surface it creates an electric field. It is this field that causes forces of attraction or repulsion and sparks that we call “static electricity. If a sharply pointed metal needle is placed in an electric field that electric field becomes highly concentrated at the needle point. When the electric field exceeds a certain level electrons will start to be stripped from the air molecules in this field. These charged air molecules are called ions and they are strongly attracted to opposite charges. An “ionic breeze” develops that will neutralize the static charge on any nearby surface. The more static there is, the more breeze there will be, so the process is self-powered and self-regulating. The carbon fibers in ION CORD are about 5 micrometers (0.0002 inches) in diameter and they are stiffer than steel. The filaments that protrude from the cord are far pointier than any metal needle can be and there are over 20,000 filaments in the cord.

Where can ION CORD be used?

ION CORD is ideal for use on any machinery that generates undesired static electricity such as printing presses, coaters, and other web processing machines. It can be used in chemical plants around corrosive chemicals and is unaffected by solvents or temperatures up to 600 ºF. In fact it can be cleaned with solvents or burn-off, although it is so inexpensive that it can be considered disposable. It should not be used in clean-room environments or around sensitive electronics because it can shed microscopic amounts of conductive fibers.


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ION CORD™ should be strung above the surface at risk of static build-up and firmly connected to grounded metal.

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What makes ION Cord so effective?

Filament diameter – The 5 micron diameter and tiny filament tip create an effective contact point to attract static charge.

Filament stiffness- This is important, because it forces the filament to stick straight out from the main line of fibers creating a straight path for the electricity to travel.

Filament volume- ION Cord is made up of 36 thousand strands of carbon fiber.

Multi-directional field- Rather than a unidirectional alignment, ION Cord filaments stick out in all directions,

  • Disposable
  • Easy to handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install