Carbon Fiber Tent Poles

   Carbon Fiber Tent Poles

Raptor Resins specializes in light weight, high strength carbon fiber tent poles that reduce pole weights often by half that of aluminum.


In addition to replacement tent poles, these poles have also been used effectively for stage design, 3D sculptures, tradeshow displays and many different types of framing. 

The Fibrapole 292 is a .292″ outside diameter carbon fiber tube that has become Fibraplex’s standard for designer and replacement tent poles because of its ability to best match stiffness and flexibility of comparable aluminum poles.

Fibrapole poles are made by table rolling bundles of resin impregnated carbon fiber filament around a mandrel in layers for a 32″ length tube. When cured, a protective gloss coat of polyurethane is applied and cured. Poles can be cut and connected together using ferrules to achieve any desired pole length.
pole dimensionsHoopdia

  • Ferrules 
    A ferrule is a connector that joins one pole section to another. There are various types of ferrules, both internal and external. Fibraplex uses an internal ferrule made of a 4″ smaller diameter carbon fiber section of tube. The ferrule is bonded inside a Fibrapole 292 leaving 2″ exposed to be inserted into the next pole section. The internal ferrule allows the poles to slip through tent fabrics without snagging.
  • Tips
    Pole tips are available to match those found on many manufactured tents.  
    Aluminum straight tips are common in pocketed tents.  Some require a bored Straight Tip to seat on a pin connector. Fibraplex Straight Tips are 1/2″ in length and should be included in the overall pole length when ordering. Another common tip style is the grommet tip, also known as a Locking Tip (shown below). Locking Tips are 3/4″ in length and should not be included in the overall length of the poles.
    Point tip tentpo1 tentpo2
  • Shock cord
    Fibraplex pole sets are shock corded with 3/32″ cord. Designers can also choose 1/8″ and 1/16″ cord, available by the foot.
  • Pole Calculator
    The Fibraplex pole calculator is a tool to help you figure out how poles can be assembled. All you need to know is your pole length and the type of tip required and the pole calculator will give you the rest.
  • Click here to try the online calculator.