Raptor Resins develops and manufacturers lightweight, high strength carbon fiber products for commercial and industrial applications and has pioneered the development of carbon fiber cable, rope and string under the Fibraplex brand. A perfect product when qualities like strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, flexibility, stability at extreme temperatures and low stretch are important.

Static electricity is a big problem in production equipment and ION CORDTM Static Eliminator is a product that uses the conductive properties of carbon fiber in the form of a rope to achieve a multi-directional ionizer to eliminate static effectively and inexpensively. It’s excellent for production equipment and high temperature conditions.

tentpo1Fibrapole 292 carbon tubing has found many usesĀ in recreational applications, particularly in tent poles and custom fabric frames. Raptor Resins makes custom replacement carbon fiber tent pole sets for many major brand name backpacking tents, providing weight savings of half that of aluminum poles. Stage Designers, sculptors, and display engineers have found the poles extremely versatile.